Eximius Business embarked on its journey in 2010 as a part of one of the largest and most diversified travel and aviation conglomerate in India. Since then, it has been the marketing arm for the services offered under the group, and has helped the group to expand its area of operations and acquire sustainable business.

Between 2010 and 2015, Eximius Business has not only diversified its service profile but also expanded its reach and position. The group now has several operating companies under its umbrella, spread over five countries, which closely work with each other and is majorly serving the travel and aviation verticals of the company.

Recently, it was realised by the team that Eximius Business needed a new visual identity that resonated with its quality of services and diverse business acumen in travel and aviation industries. A brand identity that would justify the offerings of the company and the values it stood for. Hence, a new brand identity was developed for Eximius Business in the year 2015, as it embarked into newer and diverse horizons.


At Eximius Business, we envision ourselves to be the most Reliable and Inspiring Business Aviation & Travel Service Company in India by 2018, creating valuable support network for, and offering world class innovative solutions to, our customers while maintaining exceptional levels of safety and satisfaction.


At Eximius Business, our Mission is to promote the growth of our rich and reputed clientele and deliver consistent, excellent and personalized service to our customers.


At Eximius Business, our philosophy is built on our core values – Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Responsiveness and Excellence. Our employees are committed to these values that translate into consistent, ideal service to our clients and partners.


At Eximius Business, Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Responsiveness and Excellence drive the core of our company. Our legacy of experience and innovation empowers us and the ethos of our business.


At Eximius Business, we promise our clients and partners well-tailored solutions, reliable service and nothing but the best experience with our company. We are always innovating to deliver unmatched standards in our quality and service.



The world of travel and aviation are changing and evolving with newer technologies, practices, policies and standards. At Eximius Business we believe that not only is it important to give the best to our customers but also emphasize on the aspect of excellence in our services. We have always aimed at improvising on our global approach of business while maintaining our core values as our biggest strength.

Thus, in order to streamline our communication to all our stakeholders, we at Eximius Business have undergone a rebranding exercise in terms of our communication and our business values, philosophy, vision, mission, identity and strategy. This exercise was carried out majorly to bring a synergy between the organizational goals and the individual objectives of one and all.

Our new brand identity talks about everything we stand for. The new Eximius Business logo is designed keeping in mind the core of the organisation and the values that drive us. It is reminiscent of Strength, Excellence, Precision, Quality, Travel, Aviation and a Premium Business Service Provider. The two wings placed parallel to each other adorn the Eximius Business logo. This depiction of the two wings suggests travel and aviation as the prime verticals of our business. The space between the two wings is a representation of our open mindedness and approachable character, and the two sharp ends show precision and also give us more room to grow both vertically and horizontally.

The font is sleek and premium which gives the logo and company an exclusive look and illustrates fine client servicing. The all caps font is characteristic of ambition and authority in the marketplace. The premium navy blue color depicts trust, dignity, intelligence, and authority. The gold color used in the text and symbol gives it a premium feel and is suggestive of excellence in service delivery.

Our new tagline “Board Excellence” emphasizes on the fact that Excellence is in our DNA and it is at the heart of everything we do. We consider the fine details of our cient’s business and assure them best in-class services and resource optimization.

Therefore, through this rebranding exercise we strengthen the focus on delivering the best services supported by the pillars of our value system.