With a high-growth momentum backing the travel and aviation industry in India, we look up to become a global contributor to aviation and travel markets. The Indian travel, tourism and aviation industry is expected to witness more flow in growth this year onwards because of the visas related developments. Overall India aviation and tourism industry promises huge growth potential due to rapid economic growth, higher disposable incomes and growing aspirations of the traveller. We are expanding and becoming a global enterprise in order to effectively contribute to the ever-growing market.
The word “Eximius” is a Latin word which means excellent. “Eximius Business” embarked on its journey in 2010 with a vision to build our clientele and repute by laying great emphasis on fine servicing and cater in an excellent or extraordinary manner. While we are evolving and exploring other areas in present years, the core business domain of the group remained travel management and aviation throughout. In our 5th year of operation, we have donned a new identity that resonates well with the ethos that the company has cultivated over the years and the spirit of innovation that is its pulse.
Driven by the virtues of Trust, Reliability, Integrity, Responsiveness and Excellence, Eximius Business is headquartered in New Delhi, India and currently offer five principal services – Affiliate Marketing, Aviation Advisory, Travel Services, Air Charter Services and Training & Development. With our growth and customer centric model of development, we work dedicatedly to serve our clients and contribute to the growth of the nation as a whole.
We are present in India, Malta (Europe), Hong Kong and UAE and work with a view to widen our reach across the globe every passing day.
At Eximius Business, excellence is the way we function. It’s our second skin, and imprinted in our DNA. Our work force sets its goal as if it’s not merely a goal but a mission; they don’t just meet it rather accomplish it brilliantly and progress towards the next. “Board Excellence” is the notion we work and live by.
We practice and promote new ideas and innovative thinking for a holistic growth environment. We trust our team of employees to make smart choices, lead others and to usher the organization to a better future.
It also gives me immense happiness to share this with you that on 27th Aug 2015, Eximius Business was awarded the “Most Dynamic Aviation Company in India for 2015, at the 8th International Conference for Indian Civil Aviation, organised by ASSOCHAM, India.
I also take this as an opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, business partners and colleagues for being associated with Eximius Business. I wish that you ascend extraordinary levels of growth and enthusiastically strive for success in your life and achieve it.
I admire your contribution to the organization so far and continued.
Yours Sincerely
Sandeep Bhatt
Chief Mentor

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